Will we ever be able to get extra storage in California again?

  • 24 August 2021
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Hi there. I’m new to the shadow forum but I’ve been a shadow user for a year now. I used to have extra storage on my California based shadow until May of this year, when I tried to expand my storage, and ended up deleting it, thinking I needed to delete it in order to upgrade the storage.

Ever since deleting my storage however, I’ve been unable to add any additional storage to my shadow, with the site saying the product is sold out. Is there any chance that those of us in California will ever be able to get extra storage ever again, or are we screwed?

Had I known I’d never even be able to get my original storage back that I deleted in May, I would’ve never dropped the storage in the first place.

  I love my shadow, it makes an awesome remote PC when all I have available to me is my iPhone, and especially now that we’re paying more for this service, I sure hope storage will be an option again. Thanks.


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Hi @kd6cae 

I see this request often and would love to get more storage myself. I know that when shadow does get more storage in stock they will make an announcement as they have in the past. As for when, I do not know. -Gelgoog