Windows 11 support?

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Hi team, since Windows 11 will come out later this year. I am wondering if Shadow will support it, as Microsoft is putting some high requirements with TPM 2.0.

I'm a Windows Insider member and currently downloading the Win11 Insider preview.
I'll let you know if it works in any case...

But any info is useful!


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So far, I got to this Failed to install on ‎09/‎07/‎2021 - 0xc1900101 while trying to install Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22000.65 (co_release).
I quickly Googled and came on several pages with this error, that point to some either incompatibility (maybe TPM?) or drivers.
Since it's a VM, I'm not going to mess around too much at this point :)


Once it downloads and installs the update. It will restart, and fails on that reboot (will just not properly restart and the VM will shut down). Now the good thing is that the failed update will automatically be undone and you will get full use of your VM after a proper shut down and allowing time for the rollback.

To be continued, although I see that I'm the only one making my thread :P

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I abandoned my Shadow subscription over a month ago, so don’t consider me to be “authoritative” … but with Shadow leveraging virtualization, each Shadow VM would need to have its own, dedicated, TPM (Trusted Platform Module). That wouldn’t be possible using physical TPMs (Shadow VMs “float” between hypervisors), so vTPMs (virtual TPMs) would need to be leveraged, and there is a lot involved with that. Do an Internet search for vTPM and you’ll start to understand why it’s probably not going to be a mainstream thing for consumer services in the near future. But, not impossible!

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@Superfly1987 I read that Microsoft is skipping the hardware compliance check in virtual machines:

5 Virtual Machine
Microsoft recognizes that the user experience when running the Windows 11 in virtualized environments may vary from the experience when running non-virtualized. So, while Microsoft recommends that all virtualized instances of the Windows 11 follow the same minimum hardware requirements as described in Section 1.2, the Windows 11 does not apply the hardware-compliance check for virtualized instances either during setup or upgrade. Note that, if the virtualized environment is provisioned such that it does not meet the minimum requirements, this will have an impact to aspects of the user experience when running the OS in the virtualized environment.


So if I still had my Shadow subscription, I’d totally try it...

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So if I still had my Shadow subscription, I’d totally try it...

Thanks for the info, Jim.

I gave it a try once again and now indeed it does install.
W11 seems to be pretty buggy still :P

Only thing is now further on that it does have some issues with .NET updates and once it tries to install the Shadow machine fails to restart. Then you need to turn off… wait some time and it will eventually start up again, but without the update in place.

On local machine, it does properly install.
Trial and error I guess :)



I have install W11 without problem on my Shadow W20H2.

I just have to “turn off” my shadow after a major update.

Since, it runs like a charm.


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Yup, seems like it now is working. :) *for testing purposes only* Because W11 is not my kind of OS yet…

Thanks all!