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When I log into the Shadow launcher, it takes me to a PC windows login screen, with a prompt for a password.  When I put in my Shadow Passowrd, however, it says it is incorrect.  I tried resetting my password and restarting the launcher and the new password didn’t work again.   I hadn’t logged onto shadow in a couple weeks, usually the launcher takes me directly to the desktop screen without having to put my password in.   

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Im literally having the same thing happen to me 😭

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Your Windows password is different from your Shadow login information/password. If you have not setup a custom Windows profile or logged in with a Windows account, then your default password is blank as in empty. 


To resolve this, please attempt to change it, the old password is just blank, so leave the old/previous password field blank and then change your password to whatever you choose!
A recent change to the group policy for our Windows licenses is now requiring some of our users to create a Windows password if they have not previously had one. However, please rest assured that this should be a fairly simple fix.