Windows Update Version 2004

  • 29 May 2020
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The new Windows 2020 May update, build 2004. Failed to install on my Shadow 2 times now.

It is a big update, it does multiple reboots in the process. But when it looks like it is done, and starts Windows again, there is a small popup saying it could not finish installing the update.

In the update history I read this:

Maybe this has to do with the 30 minute auto-shutdown? Because this update takes so long?

We should do this update ourselves right? Or wil Shadow do this automatically for us?


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9 replies


Hello, i begun writing a new topic to point to this problem and i see yours.
The update process in running instance didn’t fail but i must be active because (in France) we have an idle watcher that stop the OS after 30mn of inactivity.
So i can be active during the installation in the Windows session but after the first reboot necessary i see on the Shadow Launcher that the upgrade is on the installation process but it fails because this is a long step and i think the 30mn idle watcher act and i have no solution to simulate activity.

The upgrade fails and on the next reboot Windows make a restoration to rollback. Endless loop, no solution on our side.
Please, if possible, make that the idle watcher start after session opening.

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I would say to wait on the installation at first. But other users have successfully installed this update. Just wait for more information then I guess. 

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Currently the drivers managed by Shadow (Blade) are not yet compatible with W10 2004 it seems to me, so if we force the installation it is normal that it does not settle properly see not at all. Just wait for an update that should not be too late I think (hope).


Actuellement les pilotes gérés par Shadow (Blade) ne sont pas encore compatible avec W10 2004 il me semble, donc si on force l’installation il est normal que ça ne s’installe pas correctement voir pas du tout. Il suffit d’attendre une màj qui ne devrait pas trop tarder je pense (espère).

  • Ok on second try i can upgrade to 2004 but be careful about disk space because Cumulative Upgrade make an “C:/Windows.old/” folder including old system to make a restore to previous version. In my case this folder size was 21Go…

    So the steps are:
    - make the upgrade installation and be active on the Shadow PC to avoid shutdown for inactivity
    - it must reboot, if you have chance the launcher let you interact with your Shadow PC and be active too. The launcher let me interact on the second try, the first try i can’t so Shadow has been stopped and Windows roll backed to previous version.

    If all is good you can clean up if you want/need the Windows.old folder or wait 1 month until it will be automatically removed by Windows. Be careful if you decided to remove this folder it will be impossible to rollback to the previous version. To cleanup this folder you must using the “Disk Cleanup” tools : right click on C: → Properties → Cleanup and check “Remove previous version”...

Agree with @Yorgmald about driver.
Nvidia work on an upgrade for their drivers for Windows 2004
Currently for Windows Insiders the version 450.99.
Perhaps it is a good idea like @Yorgmald said to wait.


Agree with @Yorgmald about driver.
Nvidia work on an upgrade for their drivers for Windows 2004
Currently for Windows Insiders the version 450.99.
Perhaps it is a good idea like @Yorgmald said to wait.

Even after update to newest drivers that are supposed to be compatible, 2004 update still fails, so I'll wait about a month or so, then try to update it again.

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Oh, I have 2004 update and no issues, all is running fine.

Contact Shadow for more help and with your is not able to install this update.

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Yes, I just updated to 2004 succesfully also.

Maybe I had less space free when I did my last attempt, because I performed a Shadow Factory Reset about a week ago because of another issue.

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My shadow is installing the 2004 update now for probably for the 7th time now.


What is wrong with shadow?