(wired)Mouse and keyboard not working

  • 13 February 2021
  • 4 replies

2 days ago many shadow stopped responding to my mouse and keyboard. I am unable to use shadow for that reason. I have tried re-installing it but it still won’t respond. I am using the windows version

4 replies

Did you reinstalled the shadow itself or the shadow Launcher?

Yes, I did

This is anor question

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There isn’t enough information to troubleshoot this.  Please follow the template below:

  • Application type (Windows/Mac/Mobile/etc.)

  • Shadow Client Version (Official/Beta/Alpha)

  • Local device CPU

  • Local device GPU

  • Datacenter location (check

  • Connection speed (Datacenter speed tests EU: Paris | AMS or US: CA | TX |CH | NY)

  • Description of issue


  • Date when problem appeared.

  • Did you take any action(s) which could have created this problem? If so, what?

  • Do you recall any action(s) you took after it happened?

  • Do you use a VPN and/or antivirus?

  • Please provide a screenshot of your shadow stats (Alt+Win+O). Also make sure it captures a timeframe when the issue has happened.