"Your new PC is in the cloud." Wont launch.

  • 19 October 2022
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Hello All!

I am in great need of assistance. My Shadow has been down for an entire week now. Every time a click the icon, it only loads a screen that says “your new PC is in the cloud.” The fact that clicking it does nothing and i cannot access my VM any other way makes that quite the insult. Does anyone have any idea how to fix it? Im primarily looking for community solutions because everything the support team has recommended has been useless. Including but not limited to: restarting shadow, restarting my computer, redownloading shadow, messing with firewall settings and something about an IPV6? 

I do not want to cancel this service, and i DEFINATELY cant afford a good computer, but i also cant pay 30$ a month for something that doesnt work and cant be fixed.

Please Assist;


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3 replies

Have you tried the discord? They might actually be able to help with something like this. 


That is actually a good idea! thank you kind stranger!

Do you have a link? Ill keep searching for one if not.

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Hi @Lerpul 

Have you put a ticket in via your account page? -Gelgoog