Can never authenticate after updating

  • 23 December 2020
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Issue/Describe the bug

I used ShadowVR a little bit ago relatively fine. I noticed an update on SideQuest, updated, and went to go play again. It started fine until I had to enter my authentication code. Every time I go to enter it I always get “Approval failed” and a new code sent. Logging in/authenticating elsewhere works fine but no longer on my Quest 2.



3.4.1 (Latest SideQuest)


Steps to Reproduce:

Load into app on Quest

Enter log-in details

Type received approval code into the input, hit enter

“Approval failed”


Additional Notes

Which each fail I would get a new code. I tried once more with a new code, and it failed. I re-installed to go through the login again and it failed again with a new code.

1 reply

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I have a feeling this is due to our authent method and not from the VR app. Not sure the VR team can help on this.