Gpu upgrade will offer shadow more customers due to increase for vr players

  • 18 January 2022
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I think you guys need to upgrade the GPU and add it as a option as an upgrade like storage this system is really struggling with VR and with the inflax of quest 2 users I think it would bring a lot more people onboard I've done the analysis and research and this will definitely insure shadow is better than any cloud pc new compition is coming so do it before you get beaten to the punch


I had to do extensive optimisation of the shadow to get vr running perfectly it required months of optimisation an many will have no idea how to do it the GPU problem needs to be addressed as people move on no offense it will be buisness take it from someone that's done IT in multiple fields since he was 6 I want you guys to be the best

4 replies

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Hey @shawnsahdow 2020 

Here a copy paste from one of the recent posts in #community-news on the English Shadow community Discord.

Shadow has been working hard on finding the optimal configuration for all the needs a PC user has. Victor confirmed that graphics cards (equivalent to) of AMDs 6000 series and NVIDIAs 3000 series are being tested and considered. The new CPU could be an AMD CPU which is supposed to not bottleneck the system, therefore not slowing it down massively. The RAM will be upgraded. Shadow does not know the exact specs as of now, since there still are negotiations with partners. A small rollout of the new configs is planned for summer, but not everyone will be able to upgrade the hardware for now. A global rollout is planned, but takes a while as the global GPU market is a mess. Shadow is in a good financial position now, but not in the position to blow out more money than required. Now the part that we all waited for:

Pricing: The new configurations will come at an extra cost. The main goal of Shadow and it's acquisition earlier this year is to make Shadow, as a company, profitable. This will only be possible if the price get's increased for the new hardware. We don't know exact numbers yet, but it is supposed to be less expensive than Shadow Infinite (currently at 55$). Then later, in a few years, the hardware is planned to be rotated, which means that the performance hardware will be applied to the standard Shadow hardware.

Here is an invite link in case you want to join us:


Let's hope they try and push this to be soon although forking more money might be an issue new competitor's are about to release a way better system and by the time they upgrade it may be to late I've had multiple users leave because of the lack in power average users will not know how to boost performance in deep optimisation process which can takes months


I just hope they make a move before its to late don't want them to get thrown in the dust 

Totally agree with you guys !

I bought an oculus quest 2 because I discovered that shadow PC allows to play PC VR games easily when using virtual desktop app. This is why I am using shadow PC only for VR gaming because it allows me to play without the needs to buy a new PC. Without Shadow PC, I would not have bought an oculus quest 2.


Currently, it is the only company to propose this great technical solution. But nowadays, things are moving fast for metaverse and Virtual Reality …

They have to upgrade their offers quickly to stay on the top :sunglasses: !


In one month, we may try the shadow power option for VR games. It should lead to a good improvement for visuals 😁! 

However, I hope that the ability to keep Shadow PC running while using Virtual Desktop for playing VR games will now work. Getting suddenly disconnected after 30 minutes but auto shutdown is not fun ...