How to Report a 🐞Bug

  • 26 October 2020
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Before you report a bug, make sure it has not been posted yet. If it has been reported already, please upvote the present post instead.


Please use this format to report any error or bug you encounter when testing the Shadow VR Alpha:


(The italic text is just an example)


Issue/Describe the bug

Cursor on Windows is too small while running very high resolutions



Alpha v. 5.0.3


Steps to Reproduce:

Using a Monitor Higher Than 1080p (2.4k was tested)

Launch Shadow in high resolutions on the local computer (scaling does not matter)

Set Shadow resolution to same resolution as local computer (scaling can change to test out and reproduce, for my repro, I matched the resolutions)

In windowed mode can easily see which mouse is causing issues by moving out of the Shadow window (Also happens on fullscreen.)

I also tried upscaling Shadow screen resolution in Settings to 200% and mouse size did not change.


Additional Notes

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