How to use the Shadow VR Alpha 💌

  • 26 October 2020
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Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to use the Shadow VR Alpha on the Oculus Quest. 

Please keep in mind that we are currently not supporting any other VR headsets.


Before jumping into the guide, make sure that your setup meets the ☝minimum requirements for the Alpha: 

  • Own an Oculus Quest (or an Oculues Quest 2)

  • Have an active Shadow Account (Shadow Boost, Shadow Ultra or Shadow Infinite)

  • Have a stable (fiber) internet connection 

    • Over 50Mbps &

    • Under 30ms ping to your Shadow

  • Have 5Ghz WIFI 

  • Have a Steam Account

Guided Step-by-Step Tutorial

  1. Install Shadow VR from Sidequest on your Oculus quest (top right button).
  2. Follow these steps if you don’t have Sidequest yet (And don’t forget to turn on Developer Mode).
  3. Download Steam and install SteamVR on your Shadow
  4. Launch SteamVR on your Shadow from any 2D client (desktop, mobile, Shadow Ghost, Shadow Box, etc.) to go through all potential updates and pop ups.
  5. Set Steam to launch with Windows
  6. Activate “login without password” on the Windows of your Shadow
    Follow this How-To from PCWorld to set it up
  7. Launch the Shadow VR (alpha) app from the unknown sources app of your Oculus Quest (It will display an environment update progress)
  8.  Enter your Shadow login credentials and authenticate your Headset as a Shadow device
  9. Enjoy your first steps in Shadow VR (basically SteamVR) 

🎷 🐛 Download the Shadow VR Alpha here 👈


💡 Tips:

  • Once you have launched SteamVR in a classic 2D client you can do everything from the Quest app without ever needing another client!
  • When switching from a Desktop app to the VR app you will be experiencing a long environment update.


🔀 Application shortcuts:

  • Long press on Option button (left controller) brings you back to the launcher
  • Press 4 times on the oculus button (right controller) when you are somehow stuck (Hard Quit). It will save you from having to restart your Quest :)


🚨 Warning:

We strongly discourage inexperienced users from using the Shadow VR Alpha.

When using the Shadow VR Alpha, crashes, errors and even data loss are to be expected.


Shadow technical support does not provide support for problems arising from the use of or with the use of the Shadow Alpha. If your Shadow no longer works, the only thing that will usually help is to reset the Shadow completely.


Don’t contact support about issues with this Alpha build.

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