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❌ Missing features, known bugs & performance issues

  • 26 October 2020
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Please read the following informationen before reporting bugs or feature request!


Missing and planned features

  • Oculus touch ‘’Touch’’ function
  • Microphone
  • Quick launch option to skip launcher altogether (One click to Shadow)
  • Support keyboard, mouse, and gamepad for VR games not supporting Oculus touch or to -Play 2D games in SteamVR Desktop mode
  • Quick menu to adjust Bandwidth settings (and all other settings)
  • Spectator mode: Stream both in Quest & on another 2D Shadow client
  • Native Oculus Rift Store support
  • Native Viveport Store support
  • Low battery alert in overlay
  • Options to configure hands angle

    Released in 1407- 19/11/20
  • Oculus touch Vibrations
  • Complete Keyboard for login credentials (ID & Password). We know it’s missing some -special characters and we are counting on you to figure out which one :)

    Released in 3.4.1- 23/12/20
  • App compatibility with Oculus Quest 2

    Released in 3.4.5- 21/01/21
  • 2D desktop mode

    Released in 3.7.0- 11/03/21
  • Faster launch of Shadow from launcher (no need to click twice on Start Shadow
  • Slicker User Interface in launcher & Quick Menu (We know this first version is very very pixelated)


Known bugs & Performance issues

  • Overall experience can be stuttering & less fluid than we would like at the moment
  • Some areas in some game might generate an unusual amount of lag and jitter
  • When joining the Stream from the launcher or from a guardian passthrough (double tap on the Quest side) you will experience a degradation of image quality (pixel mess)
  • There is a delta between the tip of the controller’s position in real life vs in its VR projection
  • We know there is an annoying disclaimer at the bottom of your view, we find it a necessary reminder that this is a work in progress

    Fixed in 1407- 19/11/20
  • Shutting down Shadow from the VR app launcher then starting it again from the Quest app will frequently generate a start error (No stream, bad quality stream or frozen desktop view, app crashing)
  • First launch after downloading the apk will result in an issue (No stream, bad quality stream or frozen desktop view). Shut down and restart necessary after that

    Fixed in 3.4.1- 23/12/20
  • Going from The Quest app to the desktop app requires a long environment update (5 min in average)
  • Switch times from the desktop app to the VR app are too long as well (2 min in average)

    Fixed in 3.7.0- 11/03/21
  • New 3.4.1: On quest 2, in ShadowVR launcher, Oculus Touch pointers blink permanently
  • New 3.4.1: Starting Shadow VR while your Shadow is turned off will result in a session with very poor performances. Please start Shadow VR only with your Shadow session already turned on through a desktop client
  • End Session Rating panel might appear in your back when you long press the option button to get back to the launcher
  • Long press Oculus Button does not reset position as it should while a stream is running
  • Sound bars overlay from Quest does not appear over the app

Game specific bugs:

Robo Recall -- Player can’t orient his teleportation

Transpose -- Vive controllers are displayed so the joysticks have no effect on movement

derail valley -- Vive controllers are displayed as well

Vermintide VR -- Right hand shows left hand model (and vice versa). Overall unplayable

Accounting + -- Does not launch

Borderlands 2 -- Holding the option button is also an input in game


Application shortcuts:

  • Long pressing the Option button (left controller) brings you back to the launcher
  • Press on the Oculus button (right controller) 4 times when you are somehow stuck (Hard Quit). It will save you from having to restart your Quest :)


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