Potential fix for Shadow VR Boneworks Controller Porblem (Shadow needs to implement this)

  • 25 December 2021
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As you may know, in the Shadow VR Beta when you try to launch the game Boneworks, your controllers will not work correctly and will result in every control not working. After doing some research ive stumbled upon this (I know this is for a different thing but stay with me) in the answer here they say that, “I can only guess what the game is doing, but we've seen games that would attempt to use the Oculus API directly even under Steam. In case of ReLive VR this API is simply not present as there isn't a real device connected to the PC that the Oculus runtime can recognize.”. I think this could be the same problem that Shadow VR Is facing, the person that gave the answer said that Virtual Desktop emulates the Oculus API meaning the game behaves correctly. Maybe this could mean thats Shadow VR isnt emulating it and needs to for games to work properly? Still, im not sure and I would need people to back me up. Tell me what you think.

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