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  • 8 January 2021
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Hey all,


With the last update I was finally able to try out ShadowVR on my Quest 2 without getting stuck at the “Starting shadow” prompt. The app is definitely moving in a positive direction. Nevertheless, I would like suggest a couple of things that might help streamline the process of getting the app going.

One thing that puts me off having a quick look to see how the app is progressing is the fact that each time I access the app is that I need to enter my login details each time. The desktop client remembers my details and it just a case of pressing Start Shadow. If people have concerns about security, then surely they will already have their Quests protected by a PIN-code or whatever it is that the headset provides to prevent unauthorised use.

Another reason I am put off trying the app out is that in order to enter my awfully long email and password every single time I am sometimes caught having to do a 180° spin to view the password on my password manager if the login screen is located in an inconvenient place. The login box is locked and there is no way to shift it into view in order to say at least line up with my PC to make password entering easier. Even resetting the view with the Oculus button doesn´t work.

Having to let my Shadow update each time is not the end of the world, because that allows time for a short break or whatever from screen time, but the above mentioned problems require action from the user and it is really inconvenient.

Just my two cents… keep up the good work!



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1/ It’s a bug that we can’t reset the view with the oculus button in the launcher (and sometimes in streaming as well). that will be worked on.
2/ You should not have to retype your login everytime. Only when you download a new version of the apk (for now). It remembers your login pwd by default