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Really high lag

  • 27 October 2020
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Gave the Shadow VR app a shot yesterday. Normally I use virtual desktop to play vr and it works very well in terms of latency, its just visuals take a slight bump with artifacting. However the VR app definitely gave me a headache in terms of lag that I was not able to handle more than a preliminary 3-4 minutes of just moving in the steamVR home before I was done from nausea.  Basically when I moved my head, it would take the visuals a full second before catching up to my head.


I’ll probably give it another shot today and load up a game and see how it runs. Also my set up is the same as when I run the virtual desktop so I dont think connecting is the problem.


Also if this isnt the place to post this, sorry. Still not sure where to put feedback.

2 replies

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Best place to post this would be in reporting & feature requests indeed :)

But your case is not normal. Lag should not be an issue (fluidity yes). Especially not one second long.

So there is something to investigate on our end.

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If it’s taking a full second to catch up it’s likely a network issue.  It doesn’t happen often but I have encountered something like that with my Quest.  When it does if I disable and re-enable Wifi in my headset and reconnect it makes the problem go away.  However, if it’s a persistent problem for you it’s likely some other kind of network problem