Scrolling on mobile devices/Ipads and maybe features to make app so much easier to use

  • 23 October 2021
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I am really in need of a feature that would help me with using shadow more efficiently and that would be extremely useful.

Basically I use shadow for multiple things but mostly being after effects and photoshop. most of the time whenever I want to switch layers I cannot do so, I can’t scroll on my iPad in shadow because as you might know there isn’t a scroll bar on adobe apps when trying to switch layers.

I think a scrolling feature would make shadow way more efficient to use. Of course it’s not vital and I can find ways around it but on mobile devices, shadow can easily perfect itself to become fully accessible and easier to use if people have more suggestions that you guys could add. As of now here’s my ideas/requests:

  • Scrolling feature
  • Zooming in being way less mistakable (I’d normally try zooming in but when doing so I’d mess something up in my editing so maybe removing touch controls while doing so)
  • have a built in keyboard (just like the one windows has ,onscreen keyboard, so when you double touch have something like that instead. The windows one has features like fading, dock, moving around, and the one I most like is Nav which minimises the keyboard into a couple transparent buttons with only useful keys, picture below.)
  • Have the ability to make your own shortcuts for different purposes (right now you only can use shortcuts through the shortcut dashboard without a keyboard. If you could add your own ones in there would be great but even better if you could assign one of your own if you press with 3 fingers for example.)

Theres probably way more but these are the only ones I could think of right now. These are only suggestions so I don’t expect them to actually become features of course, but to let you see if any of these are features are ones you’d want to add.

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