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Stuttering head movement when looking around

  • 27 October 2020
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When I look around in the shadowVR Alpha then it stutters a ton. Its fine if I don’t move my head but if I do then it just makes me feel sick. I also didn’t see this is the known errors and idk if its my wifi. If anyone has any solutions please let me know.


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14 replies

I ran into same thing on half life alyx if you don't move your head your legit it's great but any head movement and it's jittery bad ..I was gonna mess with setting a bit but think it might be something else there isn't really a way to change anything it seems in headset like you would on a pc or phone with shadow running on it..

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I had same issue as well as lag added. Works fine with virtual desktop but shadow app itself has this problem.

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Indeed, this is our biggest performance issue as of yet. Not quite a bug.

I added it to the list of our known issues.
You are not alone on this. We are looking forward to improving fluidity.

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Same here, Latency seems to be fine. Just stuttering a lot

I just got into the steam app and it had lag in Steam Home. Didn't try to launch a game because of the double vision thing going on.

I just got into the steam app and it had lag in Steam Home. Didn't try to launch a game because of the double vision thing going on.

Right. It hurt my eyes when it barely opened SteamHome, it’s unstable as all get out. I know it’s a fresh alpha w expected problems, but wow it don’t work at all and just gives you a really annoying headache lol. Ain’t no bugs, it is the bug

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Still happening for me. In terms of everything else, if I leave my head still, the controller latency seems pretty fine and even games don’t lag. It’s just when you move your head it’s really really bad that I can’t stand it.

Just tested the alpha, the stuttering was horrendous. A constant jerky stutter every second or so. I’m in the UK but have no issues with Virtual Desktop. Are there any settings to play with in the shadow VR Quest app? 

Same, I understand this is still in alpha, and thank you guys for all the amazing work. But, is there anything at all we can do to even bring the stuttering down just alittle? Latency is not an issue I just want to know if maybe there is anything we can do.


Same here, jittering on head-turn as of today. Just got my Quest 2 and tried out Cars 2 and No Mans Sky yesterday evening with no jitter or latency issue. Definately blurry, but playable. Wifi 5GHz. 

Try making sure OneDrive is disabled in your taskbar right beside the time and date….you should see an icon of a cloud. I have been having this same issue for months now and that cleared it up for me. I tried changing my router’s bandwidth from auto to 40mhz, to changing almost every setting in Shadow’s settings. Could not believe it when I saw it was OneDrive! I shed about 20ms off my latency instantly when I closed it out from the taskbar and was able to bump back up my bitrate to 50 mb/s with no hit to my latency at all. Try it out….it’s probably the issue.

By golly, I got it! You want to run Virtual Desktop off your own PC or laptop and use that version to connect to your Shadow PC. In other words, have Virtual Desktop on your native PC and NOT NECESSARILY on the Shadow PC, so when you start Virtual Desktop, you should have your native PC to select from. Select your native PC, but use your native PC to connect to Shadow. If you try to connect to Virtual Desktop on your Shadow PC  for VR, you will experience really bad lag and stuttering. You want to connect to Virtual Desktop on your native PC and run Shadow from your PC and then do all your VR stuff. For some reason, connecting to VD on Shadow PC does something weird to cause stuttering and lag.

However, there is a bug that will not allow you to use your Oculus controllers for desktop functions, but you are still able to run VR apps by using the mouse and keyboardor the Virtual Desktop menu to start games.

Hey I have done this but can’t get in to steam vr can’t detect my head set help