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  • 17 November 2020
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Hello VR-shadowers,

I’ve been using shadow for a few years to play airplane simulation (X-plane, and now MFS2020). I was playing X-Plane in VR with virtual desktop and so my joysticks and peripherals was directed by USB on IP and work perfectly. Now, i dream about the app on occulus quest work, (for the time being it’s just unplayable) with joystick and USB peripherals. i use the windows alpha to have a second screen so :

Is it possible to play ShadowVR-Alpha on occulus, and window shadow Alpha as a second screen, but just to have USB peripherals ?

Good luck for your work, you’r on the good ways to revolutionize the way to play VR game. Simply (just a Quest + shadow subscription) and effectively (the power of shadow VM)…

2 replies

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Supporting other controllers and input systems than the Oculus Touch is planned indeed.
To play such games indeed or VR version of games running in 2D as well (Like SW Squadrons).
For a larger list of planned features, check this post:


Hello Shadowers, In addition i learned that Microsoft/Asobo were going to release the VR version of FS2020 for everyone on december the 22. I think a lot of players will arrive soon… Tell me please it will be ready !!